Pharmacy kiosk

Pharmapoint24 is an automatic shop that can sell different pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products of different shapes and dimensions 24h a day.
The dispenser has a touch-screen user interface which provides a self-standing indipendent pharmaceutical service and an extention of the traditional pharmacy, via a video conference facility linked to a Pharmacist.

Pharmapoint24 allows the automatic sale of OTC products with the potential, in countries where the law permits, for assisted distribution of POM medicines.


A virtual window, always open, viewable directly via touch-screen monitor offers a wide range of references (nearly 700) in a professional way: every product is proposed with a high resolution picture and a technical sheet.


The touch-screen is very easy to use and it guaranties privacy to the customer during all operations on the kiosk.


screenshot- vending pharmacy - products- vending pharmacy -


The best kiosk for Pharmacy

PHARMABOX24 is an automatic retail shop always open that can sell different products of different shapes and dimensions, 24/7. It is the ideal solution to get the best out of the overtime of the Pharmacy to increase sales and to give a non-stop service to the clientele. With Pharmabox24 you can create an automatic retail shop, indoor and outdoor, without the need of any employees.

pharmabox24 - vending machine -


The wide window and the high storage capacity ensure an immediate choice and the satisfaction of every requirement of the clientele. The banknote reader, the coin acceptor changegiver, the cashless payment systems, the interactive voice guide system and the big colour monitor guarantee easyness and autonomy in the purchasing for everybody.

Product dimensions:
base da 1 cm a 50 cm
height da 1 cm a 35 cm
depth da 1 cm a 20 cm
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